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Brittes is a fontface inspired in a formally English round hand, also called anglaise or Copperplate script. The calligraphy was the dominant style among 18th-century writing masters, whose copybooks were splendidly printed from models engraved on copper.
In the mid-1800’s, the Spencerian form of penmanship became a standard. An elegant handwriting was much prized. Today, in our computer age, a fine, beautiful, and legible handwriting brings a warm personal touch to your graphic design and visual communications projects.
Brittes comes with a full set of stylistic alternates, standard and discretional ligatures. Old style numerals ornaments and tails.

Design: Olcar Alcaide
Publisher: Eurotypo
Year of issue: 2013

Tech Specs
Full Font Name: Brittes
Format: OpenType OTF
Glyph count: 683
OT Features: aalt calt dlig kern liga onum salt swsh
Supported Languages: Western Europe, Central/Eastern Europe, Romanian

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