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Lenga is a kind of beech originally from South America.
The explorers who discovered this beech in Tierra del Fuego, thought it looked like a tree from their home country and named it ‘Lenga’. Like many of southern hemisphere beeches, the Lenga beech is fast growing and hardy, which makes it an ideal timber tree. It regenerates easily after fires. The wood has good quality, moderate durable, and easy to work.
The Lenga Black font was inspired in the nobility, robustness and flexibility of those trees. It has a distinctive personality within contemporary atmosphere.
This fonts are quite appropriated for headlines, suitable for editorial purposes, posters and magazines.

Lenga Black contain standard and discretional ligatures, proportional lining figures, lining old style figures, scientific superior/inferior figures. Supports Central and Eastern European languages.

Designers: Olcar Alcaide
Publisher: Eurotypo
Year of issue: 2015

Tech Specs
Full Font Name: Lenga
Sub-Family name: Regular / Italic / Bold /BoldItalic / Black.
Format: OpenType OTF
Version: Version 1.001
Glyph count: 403
OT Features: kern liga onum sinf sups
Supported Languages: Western Europe, Central/Eastern Europe, Turkish, Romanian

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