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Designer: Olcar Alcaide
Publisher: Eurotypo
Year of issue: 2011

Elegancy, sophisticated glamour and excellent readability were the characteristic of Bodoni’s typeface that has made it recognized worldwide. In fact, it has given rise to countless versions with varying degrees of success, but always trying to express its refined spirit.
Talking about the numerous types that today bear the name of Giambattista Bodoni are a kind of tribute as much to his reputation as a printer as to his ability as designer and engraver. In fact, all of them tent to be more in the way or style of Bodoni than simply copy of his letterforms.
Like many other type designers, we’ve been seduced also to develop our own point of view of his work, nowadays enriched by some features of OpenType format that allows a variety of combinations: standard ligatures, discretional ligatures, stylistic alternates and old styles figures.
Whereas the Bodoni serif in the capitals was of the same weight as the thin stroke but joined with a very slight fillet (Bracket) and the lowercase serif were like his French rivals, the Didots, featured straight- edged serifs that were unbracketed.
The ascenders and descenders of this new Bodoni are shorter, giving in this way, more space for enlarge x high.
Specially designed for editorial design and advertising, can be used in magazines, annual reports and all kind of fine print materials or web pages. The beauty of his letterforms can enrich headlines; this font can also be used as body text for its good legibility and accurate kerning.

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