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Antium fonts are based on an Old Roman typeface, particularly inspired in many models of monumental lapidary script located in the Pompeii’s cemetery.One of the most peculiar features that define this font is its predominant height of “x” as well as to ascenders and descenders, actually their strokes are particulary shorts.This font offers good legibility in small sizes, for use in editorial design, newsletters and printed material.
The strong personality of its glyphs is well suited to headlines.Antinum (Anzio), formerly the capital of the Volscians until the Romans conquered it in 468 BC. Built on the Mediterranean coast near Rome. A legend attributes its foundation to a son of Ulysses and Circe. Caligula and Nero were born there.

Designers: Olcar Alcaide
Publisher: Eurotypo
Year of issue: 2010

Tech Specs:
Full Font Name: Antium
Family name: Antium
Sub-Family name: Regular / Italic / Bold / Bold Italic / Black
PostScript name: Antium
Format: OpenType OTF
Version: Version 2.001
Glyph count: 316
OT Features: aalt dlig kern liga onum smcp swsh
Supported Languages: Western Europe

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